Global Mod Guidelines

These are the guidelines for global mods:

  1. Keep timeouts to no longer than 1 day.  You can use 88888 as the max.
  2. Do not undo a timeout inside a town that you are not the mayor of.  If a mayor decides to timeout everyone in their town for 1 year that's perfectly fine.  And If a mod is out of control that is the mayor's problem.  My thinking is their town will take a hit in the top towns list and it will take care of itself.
  3. Use the smallest timeout to get the job done.  So most of your timeouts are ideally in the 10 minute to 1 hour range.
  4. If you and a player don't get along think extra hard before timing them out.  Ask yourself are you being fair and would you do the same to a player you didn't know.
  5. When it comes to spam in wilderness use caution and if it isn't harming anything leave it.  If its too much, for example, someone is copy pasting literally every second and using max chat length.  Go ahead and time them out.
  6. Use the timeout for inappropriate language.  Use the timeout for bullying of anyone in the game.  If you have questions ask me or other global mods.
  7. You may use global timeouts on anyone using inappropriate language including mayors and mods.
  8. Be polite even to people that are mean.  Please think of yourselves as friendly cops on bicycles and not a SWAT team.
  9. Do not do a show of force and all show up at the same town at the same time. It is unnecessary and looks like you are there to bully the town.  If you show up ready to fight, other people might be provoked by that.  There is no reason 1-2 mods can't handle a situation.  If the town is welcoming then you may all gather there.


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