Builder Buddies 2 is available now on the App Store for free!

App Store link to Builder Buddies 2: 

Whats new in Builder Buddies 2? 

  • Builder Buddies 2 will be free!
  • More, new and fancier skins!
  • You can change skins without having to delete your character
  • No game center required
  • Better protections for plot owners, if a mayor takes your plot you will get the the gold back
  • If a mayor takes your plot, you will get the gold from expensive blocks such as wool
  • When trying on skins, you'll see 3rd person view of your character in 3d, that you can rotate
  • Plot owners can sell their plots
  • More skins will be added in the future and won't require an update in the app store
  • Better protections from being surrounded by other towns, so you can more easily grow your town
  • Progress bars when you enter the world
  • Autocorrect suggestions when typing
  • Protects mayors from getting scammed out of their towns
  • Accounts are kept for 14 days while player is inactive (bb1 is 10 days)
  • Meet up with friends easier, only one spawn point.
Builder Buddies 2 will be released in the Apple App Store on January 28th!  This is a new game and not an update.  Again it will be free. 
I'm listening and have many more updates planned.  Thank you for supporting me. 



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